Dining Table

Design: Cristian Branea

A monumental statement piece that references modern altar tables, with bold geometry inspired by brutalist architecture. The table top, with its impressive thickness, is constructed using solid Philippines Mahogany wood, with elements that run its entire length.
The wood has been repeatedly charred and brushed by hand to render its deep black colour and texture. We take pride in experimenting with materials and traditional crafting techniques.
Instead of staining the wood, we give it a charred and brushed finish. Inspired by the Japanese technique shou sugi ban, this natural, organic process generates an outstanding colour and texture.
It has been sealed and finished with danish oil.

The base features a detail of brushed or polished metal.

Customized size available upon request.

Charred Philippines Mahogany 80mm, oil finish
Brushed or polished solid brass.

Available in brass, bronze, copper, silver plated brass.

L: 2600; W: 900; H: 750 (mm)
L: 2800; W: 900; H: 750 (mm)
L: 3000; W: 1000; H: 750 (mm)
L: 3400; W: 1000; H: 750 (mm)
L: 3600; W: 1000; H: 750 (mm)