Dining table

Ostinato V is part of a series of design objects that explore rhythm and repetition as means of transforming materials. The piece materialises the concept of ostinato – a musical motif that persistently repeats in the same voice, frequently in the same pitch. A dimensional, linear, rigorous and repetitive pattern is over-imposed on the natural fibre of wood to create a modern, rich texture, an enhanced sense of materiality.

The Ostinato V is a large size dining table in solid European Walnut with five cylindrical legs displayed asymmetrically, some of which feature entirely or partially the ostinato pattern. The rounded lines are picked up by the tabletop which also features a very subtle beveled edge as an unexpected detail.

Design: Cristian Branea

European walnut

Length: 300 cm (other sizes available)
Width: 100 cm
Height: 75 cm